Educar en Verde

Children today spend most of their time indoors, sitting, watching a screen. They constantly live under the supervision of adults, who are obsessed with safety, and practically no longer enjoy vital moments of autonomous outdoor play. We attempt to compensate their growing isolation from the natural world with an excess of products and technology (stuffed animals, toys, books, cards, cards, movies, electronic games …) to supersede the beings of nature. A virtual reality that pushes them further from life, reducing them to a role of spectators and passive consumers. The lack of space and possibilities of movement, the large number of abstract representations, without any relation to their direct experience, the continuous bombardment of stimuli (lights, bright colors, noise, speed …) to which they are subjected and, ultimately, the lack of nature, could be the basis of numerous ailments that currently afflict childhood: obesity, imbalance of biorhythms, motor and language problems, asthma, stress, aggressiveness, ADHD, depression … Children need nature. They feel spontaneously attracted to it and, in their contact, develop in a healthier way in all levels: physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. Being outdoors (at least the same amount of time as they spend indoors), in direct interaction with life, should be recognized (and exercised) as a fundamental right of children, in our societies.