Career Path

Teacher, advisor, and international speaker, Heike Freire has been giving talks, courses and workshops all over the world, for thirty years. Expert in Children and Educational Innovation, her research on the relationships between health, well-being and learning in Nature has made her an international reference for Green Pedagogy, an ecological educational approach that she has been developing since the 90s. She is the author of hundreds of articles , as well as two fundamental books: “Green Education: Ideas for bringing children closer to nature” (Graó, 2011) translated into six languages, and “Be still and attend !: Healthier environments to prevent childhood disorders “(Herder, 2017). She has also coordinated the book “Childhood and Adolescence”(Wolters-Kluwer, 2012) and currently has in press two new titles:”Living Playgrounds to Renaturalize Schools” and “Seeds of Green Pedagogy”, both In the Octaedro publishing house, she currently directs the Advance Certificate in Green Pedagogy course, in collaboration with Florida University, a Postgraduate training that teaches human development professionals the basic principles of working in contact with nature. She is also part of the Advisory Council of the Chair of Pedagogical Renewal of the University of Girona, and of the Barbiana magazine. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Heike Freire accompanies educators, families, schools and other organizations in their renaturation processes. Degree in Psychology, and in Philosophy from the University of Paris X (Nanterre), she began her career as an advisor to the French government, from the Institute of Permanent Education in Paris, together with former collaborators of Ivan Illich and Paolo Freire. Journalist and writer, she has directed the magazines ‘Cuadernos de Pedagogía’ (Wolters Kluwer) and ‘Mente Sana’ (RBA). Her commitment to happiness and the full development of the potential of children and young people has led her to become involved as an activist for the rights of Children. While her commitment to Ecology and Biodiversity has put her on a path of activism for the non-human species and more than humans who accompany us on this beautiful planet.