Sit Still and Listen!

From a preventive approach and a multidisciplinary perspective, Sit Still and Listen! by Heike Freire is an in depth analysis of the social and environmental factors that underlie the proliferation of the hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders (ADHD).

Today, thanks to technologies and our modern lifestyle, we have the most sedentary and “attentive” creatures in history. On the other hand, they do not have time or adequate spaces to release mental excitement and connect with their natural capacity for self-regulation. In this context, hyperactivity and attention deficit have become two of the most frequent childhood problems.

Sit Still and Listen! offers, in addition to an in-depth analysis of the problem, a series of concrete orientations that will help fathers, mothers, educators and managers to design spaces and develop strategies to meet the authentic needs of children and young people in family, urban and school settings. . It is, in short, a determined commitment to health, well-being and children’s learning, from what the author calls Green Pedagogy, an approach based on understanding, respect and trust in life.


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